About Us

The R.A.Detailing Experience

Roden's Automotive Detailing has been serving the Merced county area since 2021. Founded by Joshua Roden, Roden's provides services to make everyone's vehicle look and feel the most pristine they can. Our staff of three detailers is here to support your vision and unlock your inner shine. We typically use top-name brand products.

Roden's Automotive Detailing has very flexible hours, and locations. The best part? We don't close! We are an on-call service that will run from 12 am to 12 pm! We also do house calls (for an additional charge), or you can drop off your vehicle

Your safety is also our concern. We understand in today's world it may be scary to leave your car with an unfamiliar face, however we are 100% open to talk about situations and solutions to ensure your safety and privacy.